Bucket-list: Boat ride down Bruny Island, Tasmania

Dolphin off Bruny Island

I've done many suitcases-worth of travelling, but there are only a few experiences which have really made it onto a notional worldwide-must-dos list. Taking a ride down the coast of South Bruny Island in Tasmania is one of them.

You start in the (potentially) calm waters of Adventure Bay and travel approximately 30km down the east coast of the island to the edge of the Southern Ocean, where it is suddenly wild and threatening. There's wildlife along the way (seals, at the very least, sometimes dolphins and wales!).

The tour is run by Penicott Wilderness Journeys and can start at Adventure Bay, Kettering or Hobart, depending on whether you have transport to get to Adventure Bay. From Hobart the price is currently $225 (sometimes cheaper on Viator). The reviews on TripAdvisor are impressive testament to how good most people feel this is.

A calm day at the edge of the Southern Ocean!

My tip: without a doubt the best experience will be if you can choose a day that will be relatively calm and rain-free, not least because it is bloody cold down there, even in summer, and more so with wind buffeting your cheeks!

Important review note: This review was not commissioned, promoted, paid, supported or otherwise influenced by the companies referred to. I just enjoyed the experience enough to write about it.

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